Covid-19 Update: Time to Rethink Your Menu

Hello again to everyone:

As you have read before in these blogs, food impacts our health and immune system dramatically and a healthy diet is a necessity to survive this pandemic as well as live an optimal and disease-free life. It is only just recently that the medical world is starting to pay a little attention to prevention, health and supportive strategies to reduce risk and/or severity of possible Sars-CoV-2 infection. One of my favorite physicians, Robert Lustig, MD and professor of pediatric endocrinology at U. of California, has some very accurate things to share:

“I’ve heard COVID-19 referred to as a beast, because it doesn’t distinguish. In point of fact, it doesn’t distinguish who it infects. But it does distinguish who it kills….Time to rethink your menu.” 

The article goes on to explain how junk food and ultra-processed food consumption is a leading cause of obesity, the number one cause of Covid-19 severity and death in the younger population and all age groups as well. Further on in the article, a UK physician, Dr. Malhotra, states that: “Poor diet is the primary biological factor that’s driving increased (Covid) death rates…I tell my patients that if it comes out of a packet and has five or more ingredients, its ultra-processed.”

Bottom Line: As part of your natural defense against infectious disease, maintaining an optimal weight is part of your strongest defense, and this starts with an optimal diet that is free or extremely low in processed foods. Some of our previous blogs have highlighted this and we have offered various dietary measures to take, as well as how to use intermittent fasting to your advantage. On our website, under the Resources section, you can find dietary strategies in the Diet and Nutrition tab, such as the Mito Food Plan (for better energy), the Elimination Diet for reducing inflammation, food reactions and allergy, the Detox Food Plan, The Core Food Plan for just about everyone, the Cardiometabolic Food Plan for those with blood sugar and cholesterol issues and much more…





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