Plant Vs. Animal Protein

Hello again to one and all:

As more and more scientific information becomes available as to how food impacts our health and gene expression, and how our food choices are either good for the planet or not…it becomes clear that the theme is sustainability. That begs the question: Is animal-based protein a sustainable product for both our health and the health of the planet? While that is an excellent and timely question, science is just now unraveling the answer. Here is part of it?

Conclusions and Relevance:  In this large prospective study, higher plant protein intake was associated with lower total and CVD-related mortality. Although animal protein intake was not associated with mortality outcomes, replacement of red meat protein or processed meat protein with plant protein was associated with lower total, cancer-related, and CVD-related mortality.

Bottom Line: Eating less animal protein and more plant-based protein lowers the risk of death to the two biggest killers of humanity. What’s in your gullet?

Sustainability: Please read this study!!! It is totally worth it.

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