Planet Rescue: Your Food Choices Really Do Matter

Hello everyone:

Yes, your food choices matter and not only for your direct health, but for the health of the planet. There is more and more credible science behind the concept of sustainability, and it is revealing that for individual and planetary health and wellbeing, what you eat has now become incredibly significant.

What I see in my health care practice, on a daily basis, is the global situation played out on an individual basis or in families or communities. I see the effects of the long-term use of processed foods, combined with stress and a lack of exercise…adding up to create pain, suffering, brain and mental health issues like never before.

Bottom Line:

What we eat really, absolutely, positively matters…and it matter a lot. Please take the time to read these links and make a commitment to get involved, by not only spreading the word, but making the transition to the healthiest eating possible. To get started, my next newsletter will give you a list of links and books to assist the transition to being both a food activist as well as a planetary savior…if you have children or grandchildren, think about contributing to their lives by getting involved in the sustainability cause.

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