Health Update: Walking, the New Medicine to Reduce Dementia Risk 50%

Hello everyone:

Here is a new bit of research on findings that are important to all of us. Some of the findings included:

  • People who took 9,826 steps per day were 50 percent less likely to develop dementia within seven years.
  • People who walked more than 40 steps per minute cut their dementia risk by 57 percent while walking only 6,315 steps per day. (This means walking quickly is best)
  • People who walked 3,800 steps per day at any speed cut their risk of dementia within seven years by 25 percent.
  • People who walked at the brisk pace of 112 steps per minute for 30 minutes per day reduced their risk of dementia by 62 percent. (Walking faster is more effective)
  • This research is the latest in a series of studies this year that promote exercise as a way to boost brain health.
  • Experts say you can also lower your risk of dementia by eating healthy, stimulating your brain, and socializing.

Bottom Line: Not only does this approach reduce your risk of dementia, but it also improves cardiometabolic health. This means that your heart, blood sugar, arteries, bones, digestion, and mental/emotional health will benefit greatly. Combine this walking with an organic, whole foods diet and socialization and you have a potent way to reduce systemic inflammation and promote overall wellness and health. So, please get moving!



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