Health Update: Inflammatory Foods Shrink Your Brain…For Real!!

Hello once again everyone:

This is definitely news you can use. Diets high in inflammatory foods were linked with global markers of brain aging, brain shrinkage, and cerebral small vessel disease on MRI, a cross-sectional study showed.

“Systemic inflammatory processes in the body, including the brain, can be influenced by diet, leading to its important contributory role in brain aging,” the researchers observed.

“In our study we found evidence of an association between DII (Dietary Inflammatory Index) scores and global markers of brain volumes and vascular brain injury, which are early markers of dementia,” they wrote. “Moreover, previous studies have shown associations between the DII and risk factors of dementia. Our findings indicate potential for prevention by dietary modification.”

Additionally, “three times greater risk of dementia tied to diets low in fruit, vegetables, legumes

Bottom Line:

Consuming a diet low in inflammatory potential is an extremely critical part of a brain protective plan. This goes for children as much as adults of all ages. We cannot expect our children to grow and function optimally with the traditional Standard American Diet (SAD!), we all must consume a primarily plant-based food plan with little to no processed foods ever. Drive through foods are 95% inflammatory, either the food itself or the way it was processed/cooked or both. Friends don’t let friends inflame their bodies and brains. Bodily inflammation will absolutely inflame the brain and vice versa!

If you have any dementia in your family, please make the shift to a brain protective food plan now. It is easier than you might think and more important than you might know. If you think that eating to lower inflammation is all about subtracting your favorite foods, in my experience those that make the switch find new favorite foods and seldom miss the ones that were silently killing them in one way or another. It is not about subtraction as much as it is about adding truly health building nutritional foods for life.

For ideas on lower inflammatory food plans check out these links on my website: and click on the Resources tab, then click on Diet and Nutrition and look for the Renew Food Plan and/or the Elimination Diet Plan from the Institute for Functional Medicine. There are 3 downloadable pdf’s for each plan that contain a food/shopping list, a thorough explanation of what it is all about and what to expect, and a guide for meal plans and recipes to try. Save your brain, save your health, and eat better, then feel better, look better, and save you and your loved one’s future!!

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