Health Update: Dementia and Ultra-Processed Foods = Bad Idea

Hello all:

Here is some newer research showing a link between brain health and food. A lot of might say…well…duh! However, the consumption of ultra-processed foods continues without slowing down. Way too many of us eat way too much ‘food like substances’ that substantially harm our brains and overall health.

“Background: There has been a growing body of evidence associating consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPF) with adverse health outcomes including depression, cardiovascular disease, all-cause mortality. However, whether UPF are associated with dementia is unknown. The authors investigated the associations between UPF and dementia incidence in UK biobank.

Conclusions: In this prospective cohort study, higher consumption of UPF was associated with higher risk of dementia, while substituting unprocessed or minimally processed foods for UPF was associated lower risk of dementia.”

Foods that are considered ultra-processed include but are not limited to:

soft drinks, chips, chocolate, candy, ice-cream, sweetened breakfast cereals, packaged soups, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, fries, frozen desserts, bakery products like muffins and cakes, fast foods, syrups, packaged sauces, anything with high fat or sugar or salt, and more.

The average American consumes around 60% of their calories from this ‘stuff’. Additionally, these foods are made to be addictive plus they are usually highly inflammatory with a load of oxidized omega-6 fats.

These products tend to have a long list of ingredients and are pumped full of fillers, preservatives, colorings, and additives designed to enhance their flavor, texture, shelf-life, and nutritional profile.

Bottom Line: Please remove these ‘food like substances’ from your diet forever. That’s it. Friends don’t let friends eat this stuff. Do not let it into your house. It is NOT a treat! It is bad for you. Half of American adults now have diabetes or pre-diabetes, 75% are overweight or obese and it is killing us!!!! You know what this stuff is, so please protect your brain and health and avoid this junk.


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