Health News Update: Deficiencies Accelerate Aging

Hello again friends:

The following information is from a series of papers that are more relevant than ever. It is by a renowned researcher and reveals how nutrient insufficiencies and deficiencies lead to illness, suffering, aging and an early death. This type of information is why I always take a multivitamin and an multimineral. The following quotes summarize the following three links, all by the same primary author, Bruce Ames, PhD:

“An optimum intake of micronutrients and metabolites, which varies with age and genetic constitution, would tune up metabolism and give a marked increase in health, particularly for the poor, young, obese, and elderly, at little cost. (1) DNA damage: Deficiency of vitamins B-12, folic acid, B-6, C or E, or iron or zinc appears to mimic radiation in damaging DNA by causing single- and double-strand breaks, oxidative lesions or both. Half of the population may be deficient in at least one of these micronutrients. (2) The Km concept: Approximately 50 different human genetic diseases that are due to a poorer binding affinity (Km) of the mutant enzyme for its coenzyme can be remedied by feeding high-dose B vitamins, which raise levels of the corresponding coenzyme. Many polymorphisms also result in a lowered affinity of enzyme for coenzyme. (3) Mitochondrial oxidative decay: This decay, which is a major contributor to aging, can be ameliorated by feeding old rats the normal mitochondrial metabolites acetyl carnitine and lipoic acid at high levels. Many common micronutrient deficiencies, such as iron or biotin, cause mitochondrial decay with oxidant leakage leading to accelerated aging and neural decay.”

Bottom Line:

While I acknowledge that the above paragraph is dense reading, the conclusions are pretty straightforward: optimum intake of micronutrients will, in the long run, advantage us to have “a marked increase in health”. You might want to take the time to click on those links and read the abstracts. It will summarize this information several times in different ways so that you can see how to possibly slow or optimize aging and expand both your healthspan and lifespan. As I said above, this is why…every day…I take a both a multi vitamin and a separate multi mineral to make sure my nutrient density is adequate to reduce DNA damage, make up for any genetic polymorphisms, and manage mitochondrial function.

On top of that, I totally avoid ingesting anti-nutrients such as sugar, artificial flavors and colorings, food additives, plastics, and processed foods of any type.


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