Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Up Risk

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 As you know, how healthy you are is one of the greatest risk factors for getting any infection. The more health issues you have, the greater the risk of infection, the more severe and the more long-lasting injurious health effects that may linger (long-haulers). Here is an eye-opening article on how Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC’s) increase our risk for many health conditions that put us at risk for infections and many other illnesses. Not only that, but research shows that nearly everyone is exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis. This article is a pretty quick read, so please take a look at some really astounding facts.



Sme highlights:

·        Most Americans have endocrine disrupting chemicals in their bodies. We are exposed to them via our food, the air we breathe, our drinking water, and the products we allow into our homes and lives. Plastics, personal care products, drugs, pesticides, flame retardants, air pollution, household products, food additives, nonstick cookware, and many other products contain endocrine disrupting chemicals.

·        Human epidemiological studies and experiments in laboratory animals establish without question that such exposures can increase susceptibility to these diseases and many more. Exposures can also cause immunosuppression, which increases vulnerability to infections.

·        Improving our diet and nutritional status and reducing our exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals are pivotal changes that will profoundly benefit our health and welfare.

·        Go to the above link and read the paragraphs on An Unhealthy Nation…these facts make the U.S. particularly susceptible to this pandemic.

·        New scientific research has revealed that exposure to the EDC called BPA is associated with 46% increased risk of death from all causes.


Bottom Line: We can start to improve our health with easy and simple steps to reduce exposure to these insidious chemicals. Several quick and significant steps are to go organic, get all plastic food/liquid/water containers out of your life as well as non-stick cookware. For a great resource on what these chemicals are, where to find them and how to avoid them, go to this link:


Further food for thought from the article:

“Just as COVID-19 brings a sharp focus to pathogens that can quickly injure or kill us, slower-acting endocrine disruption needs longer-term solutions that prevent the chemicals from wearing down our health, vitality, and resistance.”

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