Early Warning Signs of Brain Decay

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Today I want to highlight an excellent newsletter by Dr. Mercola. What makes it so good is that it covers a lot of ground about the early warning signs that alert you to the fact that you, or someone you know, has a brain that is losing health and function. I simply cannot stress how supremely important it is to catch brain decline EARLY on, when it is far easier to slow, stop or reverse. When I work with someone that has brain inflammation, experience has taught me that it is easiest to work with when we can start working on it when it is in the earliest stages. Once it gets more entrenched, it requires a lot more effort on everyone’s part.


While I am not in full agreement with his views on a ketogenic diet, the vast majority of what he covers is pretty spot-on!

Bottom Line: Brain decline is almost always caused by multiple factors, such as inflammation from latent or hidden infection, food choices, nutrient excesses or insufficiencies, toxin exposures such as mold and/or chemicals, hormonal imbalances such as thyroid or adrenal or estrogens or testosterone, stress, lack of sleep, gut issues, allergies, autoimmune conditions, head injuries such as concussions or having your head shaken in a car accident (whiplash), vascular problems, blood pressure issues (low or high), blood sugar instability such as hypoglycemia or pre-diabetes or diabetes type 1 or 2, physical trauma(s), anemia, lack of exercise and movement, low muscle mass, loneliness and lack of social interaction, cultivation of optimism, having goals and a purpose in life, and even genetic pre-disposition(s).

This means that brain health is a systemic issue and must be addressed as such, which means a whole health approach. It turns out that what benefits the brain, usually lowers the risk for other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes etc.

So now that you know, you can start to create a brain and health saving lifestyle. So as not to get overwhelmed, make a list of where you can see that your lifestyle could use optimization, and pick ONE thing to get optimized. Once that area is going well, add another one. This way, in a relatively short time, you can save your own brain and health so you can be the optimal you.


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