Covid-19 Update: Vitamin D Needs Magnesium

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As you have read in a previous blog, the lower your Vitamin D, the greater your risk to become infected with Covid-19 and any other virus or bacteria. Thus, not only is it important for this first wave of the pandemic, it will remain critical if we all want to slow down the possible ‘second wave’ of infections. What this means is that you should get your Vitamin D levels tested, and if your levels are not in the optimal zone of 60 – 80 ng/mL you should consider supplementation to get your levels up.

What you may not know is that magnesium is essential for making Vitamin D more effective, and that taking higher dosages of Vitamin D can create a magnesium deficit. Additionally, studies have revealed that most U.S. citizens are low in both nutrients.

Bottom Line:

Take them both together. What type of magnesium? There are several types of magnesium available. The best one overall is called magnesium bisglycinate, as it is easier to absorb and does not usually cause any gut upset. Magnesium citrate is another form which is commonly used to relieve constipation, so be careful if you use that form. Magnesium threonate is a type of magnesium that is highly absorbable and has multiple studies showing that it can improve memory and fear extinction (such as in PTSD and anxiety), the only drawback being that it is considerably more expensive. The usual dosage for magnesium is to total around 400 mg. per day in divided dosages spread out over the course of the day. Check with your physician if this is Ok for you.

As I have stated before, right now, the use of Vitamin D to assist in prevention and amelioration of SARS CoV-2 is not ‘proven’ but does have some significant basis in evidence from data from multiple countries who have examined Vitamin D status in relation to severity of illness of infected patients. Both Vitamin D and magnesium are essential to overall health, so obtaining and maintaining optimal levels can assist you to achieve the well-being you may be searching for. Here is a link to a small study revealing improved outcomes for elderly Covid-19 patients when using Vit. D, Magnesium and B-12:

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