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Thanks for reading our newsletters/blogs and keeping up to date. Here is some new research that bolsters the earlier recommendations that I made several months ago. It is always useful to see how things play out over time and to check to see if things we said earlier are still accurate…and so far, what we have posted is still on point.

In this article, the authors review the updated science behind the use of these two very useful nutrients as part of supportive or adjunctive care, which means that they should be used as a part of your total program and not used as a sole primary care treatment by themselves.

“It is imperative to study and develop pharmacological treatments suitable for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Ascorbic acid is a crucial vitamin necessary for the correct functioning of the immune system. It plays a role in stress response and has shown promising results when administered to the critically ill. Quercetin is a well-known flavonoid whose antiviral properties have been investigated in numerous studies. There is evidence that vitamin C and quercetin co-administration exerts a synergistic antiviral action due to overlapping antiviral and immunomodulatory properties and the capacity of ascorbate to recycle quercetin, increasing its efficacy. Safe, cheap interventions which have a sound biological rationale should be prioritized for experimental use in the current context of a global health pandemic. We present the current evidence for the use of vitamin C and quercetin both for prophylaxis in high-risk populations and for the treatment of COVID-19 patients as an adjunct to promising pharmacological agents…”

                        Quercetin                                        Vitamin C

Prophylaxis                250-500 mg BID                                500 mg BID

Mild cases                 250-500 mg BID                                 500 mg BID

Severe Cases*            500 mg BID                                        3 gr q6 for 7 days

*ARDS-like presentation, require assisted ventilation/intubation, ICU hospitalization.


Quercetin displays a broad range of antiviral properties which can interfere at multiple steps of pathogen virulence -virus entry, virus replication, protein assembly- and that these therapeutic effects can be augmented by the co-administration of vitamin C. Furthermore, due to their lack of severe side effects and low-costs, we strongly suggest the combined administration of these two compounds for both the prophylaxis and the early treatment of respiratory tract infections, especially including COVID-19 patients.

Bottom Line:

This is a great article, and they even provide optimal dosing. In case you did not know, BID means twice a day and q6 means every 6 hours. So keep your regimen of Vit. C and Quercitin as part of your overall protocol, and re-read our recent past blogs if you need an update or refresh on how to create an adjunctive and supportive protocol for this pandemic.

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