Covid-19 Update: Tough Love Time

Hello everyone:

 As this year progresses, the uncertainty, stress, economic burdens, election politics, civil unrest, social distancing, masks, lockdowns and all of the aspects of the pandemic have all added up to make 2020 a remarkably challenging year. In order to reduce this pervasive feeling of disaster all around us, there are steps we can take to at least reduce our risks related to Covid-19 illness. If you are wondering why the U.S. is breaking all world records for infections and death, then you should know that it is no secret that it is the comorbidities that are killing the most people who get Sars-CoV2 infection. Here is what the author of a recent research paper on Covid-19 mortality said:

“We have the most comorbid country, probably, in the world, in the most contemporary time in the world. We have the most obese, the most comorbid, the most hospitalized, the most medicated, the most disabled population in the history of the world.”

Comorbidities are defined as the simultaneous presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions in a patient. If you have a comorbidity, NOW is the time to do something about it and that something is to pursue all possible avenues to increase your health and reduce/better manage/control the state of your health. It may involve cleaning up your diet, stress reduction, better sleep, supplements to remediate deficiencies and optimize your biochemistry, being consistent with exercise, doing what you can to avoid feeling lonely or isolated, or just finally getting serious about doing what you know you need to be doing but have not started.

Bottom Line: In prior blogs over the past 8 months I have remarked on steps you can take that support your overall health and resiliency, such as making sure your Vitamin D status is optimal, plus a list of immune supports and other reasonable steps to take.

I seriously urge you to use this pandemic as a rationale to renew your commitment to a healthy lifestyle to contain and control your risks. It is NOT too late to start and every day counts. You can actually take charge of your health and reduce your risks: start now and do not stop and you will be pleased with yourself for taking optimal care of yourself, your family, friends and community. We are here to help you meet your health goals and will always do our best to assist you and yours.




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