Covid-19 Update: Stay Vigilant with Your Adjunctive Care

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 Just a quick update on some adjunctive care data because we still need to stay vigilant and protect our health using both standard medical approaches and supportive or adjunctive care. The link below (1) offers information on how both Vitamin C and Quercitin combine synergistically to improve our immune health. They even offer suggestions on what the optimal dosages are. Why is this important?

This is important because we all know that the severity and susceptibility to SARS CoV-2 is directly related to our current health status. This is reflected in the data about who is getting the more serious and debilitating infections as well as who is getting ‘long haul’ symptoms, that is, those with pre-existing multiple co-morbidities are at greatest risk.

One way to assist yourself and others to reduce your risks is with supplements like Vitamin C and Quercitin, among others that include Zinc, Selenium, NAC and more. For a full list, you can check my previous blogs in a link (2) provided below.



Bottom Line:
Along with the traditional/standard medical approach to this pandemic, consider bolstering your immune system and overall health with a clean diet, no sugar, reduced alcohol, avoid all refined grains and carbs, regular mild to moderate exercise, stay well hydrated, get adequate sleep, reduce stress overall, and think about adding targeted supplements such as Quercitin and Vitamin C. Here are the authors suggestions for dosages:

Condition                                      Quercetin                              Vitamin C

Prophylaxis                              250-500 mg BID                      500 mg BID

Mild cases                                250-500 mg BID                      500 mg BID

Severe cases*                          500 mg BID                               3 gr q6 for 7 days

*ARDS-like presentation, require assisted ventilation/intubation, ICU hospitalization.

While it may be beneficial to use supplements, please remember to keep in mind that supplements are not recognized as a primary care intervention for SARS CoV-2 infection and are considered adjunctive/supportive care to improve outcomes or to possibly avoid or minimize the risk or severity of infection. For more information on how some in the medical community use supplements as part of a protocol visit this link:


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