Covid-19 Update: Risks Go Up When Vitamin D is Down

Hello again:

 As you might have previously read in my earlier blogs, or even in the media, low Vitamin D is associated with increased risk of getting the SARS CoV-2 infection as well as increased severity. Here are a couple of links about this:

“Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who were vitamin D deficient experienced worse outcomes than those with normal levels of the vitamin, a researcher reported.”

So, how do you know what your Vitamin D level is? You simply need to get a blood test to know, and then you can adjust your supplement dosage and if possible, increase your exposure to the sun (which is fairly impossible in the winter in our area, which is why judicious use of a Vitamin D supplement becomes important if your levels are low.)

How do you know what your Vitamin D level should be? Here is a link that helps to answer that.

Bottom Line: As part of a comprehensive health building strategy, get your Vitamin D levels tested and take enough to get your levels into the optimal range. Make sure that you are taking a good multimineral with the D as magnesium improves Vitamin D function significantly; and take Vitamin K2 with the D to make sure that calcium goes where it should. Those on blood thinning prescription medications should not take K2 without discussing it with the prescribing physician.

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