Covid-19 Update: Masks: It’s Just Not That Simple

Hello everyone:

 Here is some good information on a legitimately confusing subject: do masks really work at all? Turns out that the answer is yes, they are useful and a part of what we all need to do during this pandemic.–HhYi8BRKZF3SDYQPsAnbKttt808Sd_dLc1rMn_ZNhFP2tRY4DiUi47l7rMqzq2yI2J2v0YLlaRw7ED-ixq7RY3fgqeg&utm_content=97014059&utm_source=hs_email

A good summary of how confusing it is to pull the data together is in the last two paragraphs of this article:

“For now, Osterholm, in Minnesota, wears a mask. Yet he laments the “lack of scientific rigour” that has so far been brought to the topic. “We criticize people all the time in the science world for making statements without any data,” he says. “We’re doing a lot of the same thing here.”

Nevertheless, most scientists are confident that they can say something prescriptive about wearing masks. It’s not the only solution, says Gandhi, “but I think it is a profoundly important pillar of pandemic control”. As Digard puts it: “Masks work, but they are not infallible. And, therefore, keep your distance.” Nature 586, 186-189 (2020)

Bottom Line:

It looks like masks are here to stay with us for a while. As for a possible second wave, scientists are just not sure if there will be one or not. The prior corona virus-based pandemics (and others pandemics that were not corona virus based) have seen second waves, so it is possible. In reviewing that best strategies for prevention, it still is reasonable to keep your Vitamin D up to optimal levels and to NOT back off immune supportive strategies yet…my advice is to stick with them till we are back to normal. The information in all of the previous Covid-19 Update blogs are still appropriate and have not been contradicted by emerging science or evidence.

We are all certainly getting Pandemic fatigue, and that is understandable, and we are just not out of the woods yet…so please hang in there, keep up with your supportive care efforts…keep calm and carry on!!



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