Covid-19 Update: For Better or Worse, Diet Really Makes a Difference

Hello again everyone:

As you all know, inflammation causes, aggravates or perpetuates all known human illnesses or conditions. Additionally, our diet can be a tremendous source of inflammation and most all inflammation is mediated through the immune system…thus…our diet has a significant impact on our immunity against all viral or bacterial pathogens. Paying attention to what we eat is important especially in this pandemic time. Furthermore, according to this link below, certain dietary patterns are associated with milder Covid-19 infections and significantly lower risk for severe Covid (1,2). As a component of a wellness lifestyle and immune health, wise choices in our food plan can really make the difference.

“Healthcare professionals eating a plant-based diet were 73% less likely to experience moderate to severe COVID-19, and those following a plant- or fish-based diet were 59% less likely to get seriously ill.” The study’s authors write, “Our results suggest that a healthy diet rich in nutrient-dense foods may be considered for protection against severe COVID-19.”

Bottom Line:

Choosing a food plan that supports optimal immune function is fundamental to good health and controlling our inflammatory burden. Here are some additional links on what dietary choices (most of the research is on the Mediterranean Diet pattern) can be supportive (3,4), which is predominantly a plant-based diet (5). To save time, I would suggest that you look at the beginning of each of these links and see the science and then if you want you can read the entire article. Also, as I have stated many times before,  this information is not a treatment for Covid, but it does inform us how our lifestyle has an impact on our response to this pandemic and it appears that it does make a substantial difference in outcomes.






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