Covid-19 & Health Update: Vitamin D Adjunctive Care Helpful in Covid-19

Hello again everyone:

Hope your summer is going well and getting more time outdoors will increase your Vitamin D, and this has recently been shown to be a very helpful component of adjunctive care in the treatment of Covid-19.

In the study whose link is provided below, the researchers wanted to know if there was any positive or negative effect on Covid-19 related outcomes by adding supplemental Vitamn D3. We all know that Covid-19 is a worldwide health problem so that anything that could contribute to improved outcomes is welcome news. The researchers had a cohort of 838 people with Covid-19 illness that they enrolled in the trial, and here is their conclusion:

Conclusions: In patients hospitalized with COVID-19, calcifediol (a type of Vitamin D3) treatment significantly reduced ICU admission and mortality.

Bottom Line:

It is important to note that Vitamin D3 (25 OH Vit D3) is not recognized as a stand-alone treatment for anything other than Vitamin D deficiency. It can be seen that one of the comorbidities that renders people more susceptible to increased severity of infection of any type is a state of Vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency. The great news is that this comorbidity is easily remediated with inexpensive, over the counter Vitamin D3. The minimal recommended dosage for adults is 4000 i.u. per day for health and wellness. If you become ill, the dosage can be safely increased for several weeks.

Why is this remarkable? Because Vitamin D utilization resulted in significant reduction in illness severity and suffering, lowered expense, safety with benefits such as:

  • Reduced Intensive Care utilization from 21% to 4.5%, which is an 87% reduction that results in huge savings to everyone.
  • Reduced mortality from 15.9% to 4.7%, a 79% reduction in death among severe Covid-19 cases.

My recommendation to everyone is to get your Vitamin D level tested and supplement as needed. Don’t guess, just get the test and help reduce your risks and thus be safer.

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