Covid-19 & Health Update: Stop Inflammation with Foods

Hello again everyone:

This is such an important topic that I will continue to beat it to death until everyone is eating organic and clean…it is the primary path to reducing the burden of chronic disease that we face in this country and around the world. What do the authors say, and they say it best:

“Constant overproduction of pro-inflammatory molecules leads to chronic inflammation. Unlike acute inflammation, which is essential for healing, chronic inflammation can delay healing and, if left unchecked, contribute to a host of diseases. There is growing evidence that some dietary factors can play important roles in maintaining health and even reversing the progression of chronic diseases, with anti-inflammatory effects as important underlying mechanism. Such findings add to the body of evidence that certain dietary components, including polyphenols and other types of compounds, found in various dietary factors including fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and foods of marine origin, can play an important role in attenuating and mitigating chronic pro-inflammatory processes associated with chronic diseases.”

You might wonder why this is so important and if you do, just read this to get the idea:

“Although the immune system is one of the body’s key defense mechanisms, chronic inflammation has been increasingly linked with several age-related diseases. Moreover, it is now well accepted that chronic inflammation has an important role in the onset and progression of AD (Alzheimer’s Disease). In this review, the different inflammatory signals associated with AD and its risk factors will be outlined to demonstrate how chronic inflammation may be influencing individual susceptibility to AD.”

Bottom Line: Chronic inflammation causes, perpetuates and/or aggravates every known human ailment, including Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline such as brain fog. Your future depends on what you do in the present moment and it is of utmost importance that we all consume foods that lower inflammation and help preserve the environment and planet. That means moving to a predominantly plant-based food plan. If you are not doing that now, what are you waiting for?

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