Corona Virus Update: Prevention Approaches

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As this crisis is developing and more and more observations and research are becoming available, it seems that the information is consolidating to form a pretty substantial view of what is going on. The infection takes 2 to 11 days to incubate (day 5 on average) and this is when you feel you are getting flu like symptoms: such as fever, headache, dry cough, myalgias(back pain), nausea without vomiting, abdominal discomfort with perhaps some diarrhea, loss of smell, anorexia, fatigue.

Then about 3 to 5 days after you get the flu like signs and symptoms that you are infected, the virus moves into the lungs (the dangerous phase) and you may experience shortness of breath due to the viral pneumonia setting in.

About 10 days after flu like illness starts, there can be an immune ‘storm’. This is where the immune response is so strong and severe, that the inflammation created by the immune response to the virus causes organ failure with acute respiratory distress syndrome. This is also known as a ‘cytokine storm’.

About 80% have mild cases, 15% severe enough to require hospitalization, and 5% become critical…and it can happen very rapidly.

From an immunologic standpoint, the critical event is to support the immune process that kills the virus and simultaneously dampen the ‘storm’. As it turns out, the ‘storm’ is largely created via a process called inflammasome assemblage, and there are some things that can slow that down. Whenever possible, dosages should be based upon lab tests (such as Vitamin D and A).

Thus the early prevention strategy might look like this with approximate dosages:

Zinc                                     20 mg. twice a day

Vitamin A                         20,000 i.u. per day

Vitamin C                          500 mg. at 4 x per day

Vitamin D                         4000 i.u. per day for adults: 2000 i.u. per day adolescents, 1000 i.u. per day for infants.

NAC                                    600 mg. at 3 x per day

Oil of Oregano              2 capsules per day

Immunopad                   1 capsule at 3 x per day

Selenium                          200 mcg. per day

Glutathione                    250 mg. of S-acetyl glutathione at 3 x per day (protects lungs)

To slow inflammasome assemblage:

Curcumin                         500 mg. at 3 x per day

Resveratrol                     200 mg. at 2 x per day

Quercitin                          250 mg. at 3 x per day

Berberine                         500 mg. at 3 x per day

Sulforaphane                 100 mg. at 3 x per day

Bear in mind that in these early times of this corona virus world-wide expansion and developing knowledge base, this information is by necessity speculative in nature and not yet based on any research papers relating to this specific virus. It is based upon evidence informed data in the immune literature and should be adhered to under physician guidance and judgement, preferably in a clinical setting if at all possible so that care can be individualized. If you progress into the 20% that has lung symptoms (shortness of breath), your dosages may need to be considerably higher.

Of note, all nutritional care should be considered supportive care and does not replace primary care by your medical physician. Because there is not a vaccine available yet, it is reasonable to place some importance on prevention by supporting your overall health to reduce your risk and possibly severity, and thus this information can assist you in significant ways.

In addition to supplements, proper rest, sleep, stress reduction and optimal diet are essential components of any nutritional supplement regimen. Please avoid sugar and processed foods at all costs. If all goes well, you will only need this regimen for the next 4 to 8 weeks. There are a lot of other supplements that may be helpful, such as mushrooms (for example: Ganoderma Lucidum [Reishi] or Coriolus Versicolor [Turkey Tail]), so if you feel that you are particularly vulnerable with issues like asthma or other health related factors, you may want to add other things like mushroom extracts. Overall, this approach should assist you, yet it is too early to tell how much…so do everything you can to stay healthy.

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