Sweet Is Sour for The Brain

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As we start this new decade with resolutions and new hope for a healthy and safe future, it is important to realize that the quality of our future depends largely on what we do now. This is especially true of our brain health. As it turns out, things that raise our blood sugar can really destroy our brain. Take a look:


The authors state: “Particular attention is directed at characterizing how normal but elevated blood glucose levels in individuals without Type 2 Diabetes contribute to neurodegenerative processes, and how the main risk factors for T2D including obesity, physical activity and diet modulate these effects.”

Key Points:

“Higher normal” blood glucose levels contribute to neurodegenerative processes.

Effects progressively increase (worsen) from “high normal” impaired fasting glucose to Type 2 Diabetes.

Neurodegeneration related to glucose metabolism impairs cognitive function.

The same risk factors are implicated across the glucose impairment continuum.

Bottom Line:

Friends don’t let friends consume sweets and other poor choice carbs. It is important to avoid consumption of sweets, artificial sweeteners, high simple carbohydrate loaded foods, processed and ultra-processed foods and drinks…keep those types of ‘foods’ to less than 5% of your caloric intake.

If you have any ‘brain fog’, which is early neurodegeneration, it is critical that you try this simple dietary strategy to not only recover and move out of the fog, but to save your future brain health as well. Over and over again I have seen brain fog slowly convert to a worsened cognitive state…so heed the warnings!!!

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