Soy Oil May Not Be Healthy for Humans

Hello to All:

Here is very interesting new research that reveals soybean oil is probably not good for us.

Apparently, the soybean oil causes metabolic and neurologic changes in the brain. This is important because soy oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil in America, which means that if you let someone else do your food prep, it probably has soy oil in it. The consumption of soybean oil has been linked to diabetes and obesity…and now it appears that the way that it negatively influences our health is through the way it hampers normal hypothalamic function. The oil caused changes in the hypothalamic transcriptome, which is how the genome expresses its reaction to the environment, which in this case is soybean oil. The consumption of this oil resulted in

“Dysregulated genes (that) were associated with inflammation, neuroendocrine, neurochemical, and insulin signaling.”

Bottom Line:

When eating out, avoid the consumption of foods prepared with soy oil of any type. When at home, make sure such oil is just simply not in your house…it is that simple (thank goodness).

Take a look at this link, but remember, that the above information is brand new and alters one of their conclusions at the end of the article.

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