Plant Based Diet: How To Get Started

Hello again everyone:

Here are some links and book recommendations to help you get started on implementing more of a plant-based diet, and to follow the EAT Commission’s recommendations of what your plate should look like. The main thing is to not get overwhelmed with this idea, and to simply take it one step at a time: such as, removed processed foods for a starter. Next, remove added sugars. Next, increase vegetable intake and include nuts, seeds, fruits and whole grains slowly. Please, read the bottom two links as they answer many, many questions.

If you make a list of steps, and these are do-able steps, and you just simply do one at a time…then you will not get overwhelmed and you will succeed in creating a healthier you, a healthier family, a healthier community and planet.  (This is a good one on the Mediterranean Diet with meal plans…it is a great start.)

Google Search: use the key words:

Plant based diet

Plant based diet cookbooks

Bottom Line: This does not mean that you are a vegan. Please read the EAT-Lancet commission’s findings and look at their healthy plate contents and head that direction. You may or may not want to go vegan, and either way is Ok…my point is, plant-based does not mean vegan or vegetarian…it means that for your health and the health of the planet, we need to make significant shifts in how we treat the earth, and the most significant way is based upon what we are eating!! Please…READ this material and get more involved in being a planetary citizen.

In the above link, specifically look at page 9, figure 3 for what a plate of food should look like: read…read…read…invest in your future!!


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