Merry Christmas: A Present For You

Hello Everyone:

As a present for everyone, I want to pass on a bit of knowledge that if you put it to use, can increase your health substantially and for some of us, it may save our life or at least add healthy years to it. Please read the following short article, it is just several pages long and an easy and uncomplicated article to read…plus…it is important:

“How much does it matter? Diet is the single most important predictor variable of health outcomes in the modern world. It is the single leading predictor of premature death and the single leading predictor of total chronic disease risk. In reverse, overall diet quality is the single leading predictor of longevity and vitality.”

“Recently in The Lancet, a report from the Global Burden of Disease study looking at dietary factors and death in 195 countries, reached the conclusion that inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils, whole grains, and excessive intake of processed meat and processed food overall was the leading cause of chronic disease and premature death in modern countries around the world.11 Diet truly is, in the modern world, a vital sign; it is time for us to treat it as such.”


“The EAT-Lancet Commission Report6 is absolutely crucial reading and is a compendium by a group of leading academics exploring the confluence of diet for human health and planetary health. As I stated earlier, I do not think we can be health professionals anymore and not embrace the health of the planet. This report does a detailed job of laying out what that entails, and it is a critical resource material for every clinician.”

“If we talk about health the only way it matters, healthy people on a healthy sustainable planet so that our children get their chance, too, the call for people to eat a plant-predominant diet becomes even more emphatic. The EAT-Lancet Commission Report, which was about a sustainable healthy diet, reached the jarring conclusion that—when looking at developed countries around the world—average meat consumption must fall by 90% to stay within the boundaries of sustainability.6This is not controversial.”

Bottom Line: Consider food as medicine, for you, for your loved ones and for the planet. It really and truly matters.

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