Is When You Eat As Important As What You Eat?

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Here is an article that shows that when eating was restricted to a 10-hour window, people in a pre-diabetic state improved significantly even when they did not eat great quality of food and did not limit their calories. These authors chose people with ‘metabolic syndrome’, which is a collection of bodily malfunctions frequently seen together and include: high blood pressure; increased abdominal fat; elevated cholesterol; low levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol; high fasting blood sugar; high triglycerides. These combined risk factors are known to contribute to heart disease, diabetes, dementia and many more illnesses and conditions. When someone has 3 or more of these conditions, they are said to have ‘metabolic syndrome’. The study revealed amazing benefits from simply consuming all of their daily food in a 10-hour window. Please read this study summary:

“As they started to adhere to this eating window, they started feeling better with more energy and better sleep, and this was positive reinforcement for them to continue with this 10-hour eating window,” said Dr. Taub.

Almost all the participants ate breakfast later and dinner earlier. The study lasted for 3 months, during which time the participants showed a 3% weight and body mass index (BMI) reduction, on average, and a 3% loss of abdominal, or visceral, fat. “All of these improvements reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease,” said Dr. Taub.

Also, many participants showed a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as improvements in fasting glucose. They also reported having more energy, and 70% reported an increase in the amount of time they slept or experienced sleep satisfaction. The participants said that the plan was easier to follow than counting calories or exercising, and more than two-thirds kept it up for around a year after the study ended.”

Bottom Line: This type of time restricted eating is a part of Intermittent Fasting. To read more about this, look at Dr. Jason Fung’s book: The Complete Guide to Fasting. Virtually anyone can apply this information to one’s lifestyle and it is essential for optimal brain health. My question to all of you is:

What do you think might have happened if these people also ate a super clean, organic food plan such as the Mediterranean one we spoke about in a recent blog?

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