Health Update: Western Style Diet Induces Cancer

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 This paper goes over how a Western Style Diet can induce CRC (Colo-Rectal-Cancer) by altering the gut microbiome and creating systemic and local intestinal inflammation. The key things to note here are:

  • Diet can induce unfavorable changes in our microbiome
  • This leads to systemic inflammation
  • Chronic inflammation can cause, aggravate, or perpetuate diseases of all types

The article states the following highlights:

“Our findings successfully linked Western-style diets with this (e. coli type) bacteria in colorectal cancer. Our study supports a hypothesis that Western-style diet can cause colorectal cancer via this bacteria,”

 “Western-style diets, which are high in red and processed meat, sugar, and refined grains and low in vegetables and legumes, have been shown to induce systemic and intestinal inflammation.”

Bottom Line: Our day-to-day diet is a very strong determinant of the diversity and quality of our microbiome. What we eat will support the growth and proliferation of either a ‘healthy’ microbiome or an ‘un-healthy’ microbiome which will interact with our immune system to either control or create inflammation. Did you know that approximately 70 to 75% of our immune system is contained in our intestinal lining? Also, did you know that the vast majority of chronic inflammation is driven by activation of the immune system? That is why the microbiome has such a large impact on the immune system, chronic inflammation and induction of disease including cancer.

As you probably are aware, chronic inflammation will cause, perpetuate, and/or aggravate every known human ailment. While it is often very important to take good pre-biotics, pro-biotics, and post-biotics, it is actually more influential to your overall health and the health of your microbiome to consume the right foods.

A bad example of the wrong foods is the SAD (Standard American Diet), and a great example of the right foods is the Mediterranean Diet. A diet with a variety of fiber from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains (i.e., plants!) will assist a healthy microbiome to foster overall lower levels of inflammation and upgrade your health. Controlling inflammation in this way will protect and safeguard your health and assist in prevention efforts…plus it is easy and delicious! Friends do let friends know about this!!

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