Health Update: Vit. D, Brain Health, and Dementia Risk

July 4, 2022   


Hello and Happy Independence Day to everyone:

Yes, it is so good to be independent…and if we want to stay that way and not be put into a memory care facility as we age then we need to keep our Vitamin D levels up. This research article that was recently published revealed that those with Vitamin D deficiency had a significantly increased risk of dementia. First, we already know that Vitamin D has known beneficial effects on brain health, immune function and keeping inflammation in check. Second, does this have any effect on our risk of dementia?


Low vitamin D status was associated with neuroimaging outcomes and the risks of dementia and stroke even after extensive covariate adjustment. MR analyses support a causal effect of vitamin D deficiency on dementia but not on stroke risk.

Bottom Line:

 Make sure that your Vitamin D status is checked at least every 6 months and that you aim to keep your levels at around 60. This level of Vitamin D sufficiency appears to be optimal for overall health. It is best to get most of your Vitamin D from being outdoors and getting adequate sunshine on our skin in a safe and measured way. However, if that is not possible, Vitamin D supplementation along with Vitamin K2 as MK7 and Magnesium should keep your levels up to the good range. Just make sure that you get your levels checked with a blood test to make sure that you are not under or overdosing. Warning: if you are taking prescription blood thinners (this includes daily 81 mg. aspirin), check with your prescribing physician before taking Vitamin K2 (or any form of Vitamin K as there are several) as it may interfere with the blood thinning medication. It does appear that Vitamin K2 in the form of Vit. K2 MK-7 does not adversely affect those medications at a daily dose of 90 mcg. per day and supplements that pair the D3 and K2 as MK-7 do not usually exceed that dosage.


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