Health Update: Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to Premature Death      

Hello to everyone:

 In response to the above title, most people will just say…well duh, of course ultra-processed foods are unhealthy! So, if this is so widely known we all must wonder why over 57% of all calories consumed in the U.S. are from ultra-processed foods!! Not only that, the consumption of whole foods decreased over 5%…this is a horrible trend as these ultra-processed foods are drivers of disease and inflammation!!

“The overall composition of the average U.S. diet has shifted towards a more processed diet. This is concerning, as eating more ultra-processed foods is associated with poor diet quality and higher risk of several chronic diseases,” said Filippa Juul, an assistant professor and postdoctoral fellow at NYU School of Public Health and the study’s lead author. “The high and increasing consumption of ultra-processed foods in the 21st century may be a key driver of the obesity epidemic.”

Bottom Line:

The reality is as follows:

  • Dietary patterns can have an immense impact on health outcomes.
  • Ultra-processed foods that go through large amounts of processing can lose nutritional value and contain unhealthy elements.
  • A​ new study adds to a growing body of research showing that ultra-processed food consumption may cause premature, preventable death.

Just ask yourself, what do you want from your life? What risks are you taking by eating these foods? How does consuming ultra-processed food support your life and purpose? If you have any health issues, how could it hurt you to get all processed food out of your meals and snacks? Understand that you may not notice any immediate effects from consuming these ‘food like objects’, but they are harming you none the less. On the other hand, many experience ‘withdrawal’ which is a telling sign of just how awful those things are!

The obvious step is to just stop that category of foods for 90 days and see what happens. You have a lot to lose (if you are overweight) and a lot to gain (if you have any chronic health issues or are just worried about your future health)!

For ideas on how to eat a whole foods diet, check out our resources tab on our website and look at the Diet section.

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