Health Update: Toxic Shock… You Really Need to Read This!

Hello everyone:

Please take a few minutes to read this link about toxic exposures. Most of the country does not pay attention to this and it, unfortunately, seriously undermines our health and environment. One of the primary promoters of inflammation that drives chronic disease is toxic chemicals that we all are exposed to daily. If you have a chronic health condition, then you are inflamed, and you will benefit from learning about toxic chemicals and how to reduce your exposure.

“If the pandemic served as a window into our health, what it revealed was a US population that is not only sick but also seemingly only getting sicker. Life expectancy is falling precipitously. Three fourths of Americans are overweight or obese, half have diabetes or prediabetes, and a majority are metabolically unhealthy. Furthermore, the rates of allergic, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases are rising at rates of 3%-9% per year in the West, far faster than the speed of genetic change in this population.

Of course, diet and lifestyle are major factors behind such trends, but a grossly underappreciated driver in what ails us is the role of environmental toxins and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. In years past, these factors have largely evaded the traditional Western medical establishment; however, mounting evidence now supports their significance in fertility, metabolic health, and cancer.”

Bottom Line:

The easiest first step is to simply purchase as much of your food as possible from certified organic sources. This is proven to lower your exposure and body burden. I would strongly urge you to go to the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) website and learn as much as you can about this toxic plague. At their website, they offer not only information but how to lower your exposure. For example: safe seafood with low mercury; the dirty dozen foods you should never eat unless they come from organic sources; safer personal care products; safer and effective household cleaners; safe cookware; safer plastic alternatives; and much more. Not only will you help yourself, but you will also be helping the planet significantly. Thank you living your best life…all of your efforts are truly appreciated.

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