Health Update: Timed Eating For a Happy Holiday Season

Hello everyone, and Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holy Day Season!!

 As we head into 2023 (time really flies!!), we can end the year with a new habit regarding meal timing. It turns out that we all have internal biological clocks that are called circadian rhythms. It also turns out that these internal clocks make us more efficient (better) at doing different things at different times of the day. These two studies revealed that by taking advantage of our internal clock functions, we can improve our blood sugar, cholesterol, appetite and cravings, weight, blood pressure, brain health and more.

The first study reveals that late eating is not healthy:

Late eating:

  • Increases waketime hunger
  • Decreases waketime energy expenditure and 24 hr. core body temperature
  • Alters adipose tissue metabolism (not in a good way = increased obesity)

The second study revealed that time restricted eating is health promoting.

Time restricted eating (all of your calories in a 10-hour window and stopping early):

  • Is feasible (means it is doable)
  • Improves very-low density cholesterol (the ‘bad’ stuff)
  • Decreased blood sugar (HbA1c) and blood pressure
  • Had no adverse effects
  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced cardiometabolic risk (diabetes, weight, cardiovascular disease)

Bottom Line: If you want to look better, feel better, reduce your risk of weight gain, improve weight loss, lower blood pressure, lower your blood sugar, and improve your overall health as well as reduce your risk of future cardiometabolic illness…then it is totally worth eating all of your calories within a 10 hour window (TRE or time restricted eating) and make your last meal of the day as early as possible and the lightest meal of the day.

This is a great way to end the year and to start the next one out on the right foot in a healthier metabolic state. It is a great present to yourself and the rest of the planet. All of us here at Richmond Chiropractic Neurology send you our love and gratitude and best wishes for a healthy and happy Holy Day season and for 2023!!

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