Health Update: This News Should Scare You

Hello again friends:

Here is some grim news that is relevant to way too many of us. The first link shows the scope of the problem, and the second link gives you an idea about why it is so critical that we fix our food choices.

Global study predicts that more than half the global population will be living with overweight and obesity within 12 years if prevention, treatment, and support do not improve.

  • The World Obesity Atlas 2023, published by World Obesity Federation, predicts that the global economic impact of overweight and obesity will reach $4.32 trillion annually by 2035 if prevention and treatment measures do not improve. At almost 3% of global GDP, this is comparable with the impact of COVID-19 in 2020.
  • The majority of the global population (51%, or over 4 billion people) will be living with either overweight or obesity by 2035 if current trends prevail. 1 in 4 people (nearly 2 billion) will have obesity.
  • Childhood obesity could more than double by 2035 (from 2020 levels). Rates are predicted to double among boys to 208 million (100% increase) and more than double among girls to 175 million (125% increase) and are rising more rapidly among children than adults.
  • Lower income countries are facing rapid increases in obesity prevalence. Of the 10 countries with the greatest expected increases in obesity globally (for both adults and children), 9 of those are from low or lower-middle income countries. All are from either Asia or Africa.
  • World Obesity Federation calls for comprehensive national action plans to help countries act on new World Health Organization (WHO) Recommendations for the Prevention and Management of Obesity. The Atlas report will be presented at a high-level policy event on 6 March to UN policymakers, member states and civil society.
  • Acknowledgement of the economic impact is in no way a reflection of blame on people living with obesity, which is a chronic, relapsing disease.

The mortality consequences of overweight and obesity have likely been underestimated, especially at older ages.

Bottom Line:

Consider that today it is recognized that food choices (ultra-processed so called ‘food like objects’) and exposure to ‘obesogens’ are leading causes of illness that stems from being overweight or obese. Consider also that those that are overweight or obese have a life expectancy of anywhere from 4 to 20 years less, and that their medical costs and potential suffering goes along with increased health risks of all types. Please everyone, avoid these risks by eating clean, avoid plastics, keep moving, and reducing stress as part of an overall lifestyle upgrade. At this point, you should know what it means to eat clean, and taking these small steps can not only improve your lifespan, but by maintaining your health you are taking significant steps to safeguard those around you and the planet. You may not want to hear this, yet the way the current dominant healthcare system works, it is largely up to each of us to take control of our health if you desire to live longer and better…there is no other way. Learn as much as you can and reap the benefits of taking charge. Do you want someone else to be in charge of your health…or would you rather make sure it is a partnership that you are in control of? We all need to do our part to stay healthy as you owe this to yourself…this investment of time and learning self-maintenance skills will pay wonderful dividends like no other investment can. You will be so glad that you made the right moves to stay healthy.


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