Health Update: Sustainable Nutrition Goals

Hello again everyone:

As we move forward into this new year, we are discovering that our individual health is intertwined with that of the planet. This connection is through our food choices. Food can make us ill or food can contribute to inflammation and cause, aggravate, and/or perpetuate every known human ailment…including aging. We need a bigger viewpoint from which to view our place in the grand scheme of things, and that is what articles like the one below is all about. As you will read, it is a really complicated issue and we should all become aware and seek to do our part to resolve it and save our future. We each need to get informed and act on that information.

“Some foods take up many more resources than others. At the upper end, just 100 grams of beef protein can result in the release of the equivalent of 105 kilograms of CO2. The same amount of protein from a well-managed field of peas, by contrast, typically releases the equivalent of only about 0.2 kg of CO2. These orders-of-magnitude differences mean that any vision of a more sustainable diet has to include marked reductions in the meat consumption of high-income countries, Hawkes says. She notes that consuming a lot of red meat can raise the risk of cancer and heart disease. “It’s not great for our health, and it’s not great for our planet,” she says. “There’s a strong alignment between health and sustainability.”              This convergence of nutrition and conservation is a central message of the EAT-Lancet diet. The authors started by reviewing the best evidence for constructing a diet that would optimize human health and reduce the global toll of food-related health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity. The researchers didn’t even consider the impacts on climate or sustainability until the nutritional framework had been set, Rockström says.”

Bottom Line: There is no doubt that the current Western style diet is killing those who consume it, but now we are starting to wake up to how this style of eating is destroying the planet and how it is not sustainable. This is exactly why I so strongly recommend that we all consume as much organically sources foods as possible and reduce our consumption of animal-based products. Right now, there is enough data that shows that this approach offers the best health benefits along with supporting better stewardship of our planetary   resources. I would highly recommend that you follow Valter Longo, PhD and read his book The Longevity Diet that combines the best of intermittent fasting with the best food plan for countries like ours.

Thanks for reading this and moving towards your own optimal health. Do what you can to secure your future, avoid suffering, and know that any efforts you make are greatly appreciated and totally worthwhile and important. The link below takes you right to the Longevity Diet for Adults. Check it out!! Knowledge is power when you act on it!

I hope this information is helpful and moving to you…if we all pull together then we can accomplish anything. Love and gratitude to everyone.

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