Health Update: Sugar Cause Microbiome Imbalances and Systemic Inflammation

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The title says it all, but here it is from the authors of the 2020 paper:

High Intake of Sugar and the Balance between Pro- and Anti- Inflammatory Gut Bacteria


The so-called Western diet is rich in saturated fat and sugars and poor in plant-derived fibers, and it is associated with an increased risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, as well as chronic (low grade) inflammation. The detrimental effects of poor diet are in part mediated by gut microbiota, whose composition, functionality, and metabolic end products respond to dietary changes. Recent studies have shown that high intake of sugars increase the relative abundance of Proteobacteria in the gut, while simultaneously decreasing the abundance of Bacteroidetes, which can mitigate the effects of endotoxin, as well as reinforce gut barrier function. Thus, a high sugar intake may stagger the balance of microbiota to have increased pro-inflammatory properties and decreased the capacity to regulate epithelial integrity and mucosal immunity. Consequently, high dietary sugar can, through the modulation of microbiota, promote metabolic endotoxemia, systemic (low grade) inflammation and the development of metabolic dysregulation and thereby, high dietary sugar may have many-fold deleterious health effects, in addition to providing excess energy (weight gain).

Bottom Line: Over and over again, science has demonstrated that there is not a reasonable place in our food plan for sugar beyond the very occasionally ‘treat’. Plus, I honestly do not see how eating sugary items is a treat because of the harm it does…yet many people and societies regard such stuff as a treat. If you consider creating inflammation and more rapid and unhealthy aging as a treat, then we are not on the same page. My challenge to all of us is to try not eating any sugar for 30 days and see if you don’t feel better. This challenge is especially appropriate for those with a family history of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, weight issues, and dementia.

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