Health Update: Round Up Causes Brain Inflammation (Really NOT Good!)


 Hello again everyone:

Recently there has been a great deal of news in the medical press about pesticides and endocrine disrupting plastics and other chemicals. Over the next few weeks, I will be sending you a lot of links about this for several reasons:

  • It is real but invisible, tasteless, odorless, and damages us slowly but surely
  • Exposures are usually chronic and cumulative and build up in our tissues
  • These chemicals distort cellular, hormonal, immune and neurologic function
  • What you don’t know can hurt you, so take steps to reduce your exposure
  • You may think that you are not exposed to Round Up, but over 80% of us have detectable amounts in our urine. This info does apply to you!

In fresh evidence of the pervasive nature of pesticides, more than 80 percent of urine samples drawn from children and adults participating in a US health study contained a weedkilling chemical linked to cancer and other health problems.

 More than 200 million pounds of glyphosate (Round Up)are used annually by US farmers on their fields. The weedkiller is sprayed directly over genetically engineered crops such as corn and soybeans, and over non-genetically engineered crops such as wheat and oats as a desiccant to dry crops out prior to harvest. Many farmers also use it on fields before the growing season, including spinach growers and almond producers. It is considered the most widely used herbicide in history.

Residues of glyphosate have been documented in an array of popular foods made with crops sprayed with glyphosate, including baby food. The primary route of exposure for children is through the diet.

Roughly 87% of children represented in the CDC study had the pesticide in their urine, according to a population-weighted analysis by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) research organization. In 2019, EWG and several food companies called for a ban on glyphosate as a desiccant, saying “Americans’ widespread exposure to glyphosate is of growing concern, particularly in the context of children’s health, because of the potential risk of cancer.”

And what about our brains?

Conclusions: Collectively, these results show for the first time that glyphosate infiltrates the brain, elevates both the expression of TNFα (Inflammation!) and soluble Aβ, and disrupts the transcriptome in a dose-dependent manner, suggesting that exposure to this herbicide may have detrimental outcomes regarding the health of the general population.”

Bottom Line: By simply going organic you can rapidly decrease the amount of pesticides (including Round Up) that you unknowingly consume. Because these chemicals seem to cause problems that take some time to become apparent, we do not usually think that pesticides could be the cause or part of the problem…but now we know that they are a part of our environment that can potentially degrade our health. Please, do your best to go organic and avoid GMO foods that are more commonly sprayed with toxic chemicals like Round Up.





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