Health Update: How to Reduce Brain Inflammation & Save Your Memory

Hello everyone:

Here is some great information on how to keep your brain healthy and lower your inflammation burden. This article link is not long and an easy read, but here are the highlights:

  • Brain inflammation (neuroinflammation) is linked to worse mood, cognition, and general brain health.
  • How we eat influences our overall inflammatory state, and may significantly influence brain inflammation.
  • A poor state of metabolic health, exposure to excess smoke, and drinking alcohol may all negatively impact brain inflammation.

“When we experience inflammation in our joints, we may have redness, swelling, and pain. If we have inflammation in our skin, we might get an itchy or otherwise annoying rash. But what happens if there is inflammation in our brains?

In recent years, scientists have shown that inflammation in our brains may be a significant contributor to everything from risk for dementias like Alzheimer’s to mood issues like depression to trouble making healthy decisions. That’s a big deal because these brain issues are major contributors to our quality of life.”

Bottom Line: Check out this article and make sure you are doing the basics to promote a healthy brain and optimal healthy aging. It’s a no brainer!

PS: As you know, inflammation will cause, perpetuate, and/or aggravate every known human ailment. But did you know that most inflammation is mediated through our immune system? Here is a great link for more information, so stay empowered everyone!


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