Health Update: Higher Dietary Inflammation Associated with Brain Aging

Hello to all:

In a study from May of this year, we learn that the higher the dietary inflammatory index of the food we consume, the more our brain deteriorates.


Our findings showed associations between higher DII (Dietary Inflammatory Index) scores and global brain MRI measures. As we are one of the first groups to report on the associations between higher DII scores and brain volume, replication is needed to confirm our findings.”

Bottom Line: Poor food choices will certainly destroy our brain, plus most other aspects of health. You might say, well, DUH, and that would be appropriate. However, currently the average citizen is consuming a bit over 50% of their daily calories from ultra-processed foods. Ugh.

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As the old saying goes: “You are what you eat.” It looks like eating what is traditionally called ‘junk’ food can really harm our health. There are seldom any good reasons to harm yourself by consuming such ‘food like things’, so please, avoid that stuff. This also applies to those with brain fog, anxiety, depression, headaches, and post-concussion symptoms.

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