Health Update: Health Risks of Non-Stick Chemicals (They are everywhere!)

Hello once again:

Here is more data on a class of ‘forever’ chemicals that we are exposed to daily. It is worth knowing about them so that you can avoid them.

“PFAS are a family of over 9,000 chemicals with many industrial uses that offer water- and stain-resistant, adding flame retardant and chemical stability properties to textiles.

They are also found in contaminated drinking water, fast foods, personal care and cosmetic products, and some non-stick cookware.

These PFAS accumulate in tissues in the body and are associated with compromised liver, thyroid, kidney, and reproductive health, and an increased risk of testicular and kidney cancers.

The abundance of PFAS makes them difficult to avoid, but choosing PFAS-free food packages, filtering drinking water, avoiding stain- and water-resistant coatings and makeup, and limiting highly processed foods may reduce exposure and long-term health risks.”

Bottom Line:

Avoid them as much as possible. From the article above, here are some steps to reduce exposure: “Regardless, there may still be some steps that you can take to reduce exposure to PFAS and subsequent health risks:

  • filter drinking water
  • read labels on packages for PFAS chemicals to know what to avoid
  • avoid non-stick cookware
  • choose PFAS-free food packaging — more likely with recyclable paper, glass, bamboo, or stainless steel
  • choose personal care and cosmetic products free of PFAS
  • skip water-resistant makeup
  • limit or avoid highly processed foods like fast foods and fried meat or fish
  • make popcorn on the stove-top or air pop instead of microwave popcorn
  • maintain a regular cleaning schedule to avoid dust build-up indoors
  • avoid stain- and water-resistant fabric coatings.
  • avoid matrasses and furniture treated with fire retardant chemicals


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