Health Update: For Longevity: More Healthy Carbs, Less Protein & Fasting!

Hello to everyone:

Articles like this one are very helpful to reduce confusion about what to eat and when. Here are the main findings:

“Recently, researchers reviewed hundreds of nutrition studies from cellular to epidemiological perspectives to identify a ‘common denominator nutrition pattern’ for healthy longevity. In the end, the researchers found that the ‘longevity diet’ includes:

  • A legume and whole grain-rich pescatarian or vegetarian diet
  • 30% of calories from vegetable fats such as nuts and olive oil
  • A low but sufficient protein diet until age 65 and then moderate protein intake
  • Low sugar and refined carbs
  • No red or processed meat
  • Limited white meat
  • 12 hours of eating and 12 of fasting per day
  • Around three cycles of a five-day fasting-mimicking diet per year”

Bottom Line: As a small side note, they also stated that the dietary pattern should be adapted (individualized) to a person’s needs according to age (you need just a bit more protein when older), if you are obese or have insulin resistance and so forth. To find out more about this, and to understand what the five-day fasting-mimicking diet actually is, I refer you to Dr. Valter Longo’s book: The Longevity Diet. Personally, I follow this food plan as a vegan. In my health care practice, people who follow this seem to have the best results with reducing their health challenges.

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