Gratitude and Love: Secrets to a Healthy Life

Hello everyone:

On this Memorial Day, we choose to acknowledge and honor our Veterans and to thank them for their sacrifices to ensure our freedom and safety. In addition to being the right thing to do, it also promotes general health in our population. It turns out that gratitude can be cultivated and it will help to undo the negative effects of stress and loneliness. Please recall from earlier articles that both stress and loneliness are direct causes of inflammation, and that inflammation will cause, aggravate or perpetuate virtually all illness. So, by cultivating gratitude, we can feel better mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Whether it is a prayer of gratitude, or a gratitude journal, or finding a way to be thankful and grateful to someone every day, or to offer a smile to strangers or anyone…virtually any act of gratitude will help us cultivate an aspect of our life that increases the health of the world.

Bottom Line: Consciously finding ways to express gratitude is not only a nice thing to do, it feels good and helps the world become a more peaceful and healthy place. On this Memorial Day, 2019, we send our sincere thanks and deep gratitude to our veterans and wish them well in their duties, and we remember our fallen and their families, and wounded veterans and their sacrifices and seek ways to honor them by being supportive citizens of this great country.

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