Food IS Medicine

Hello again everyone:

What I tell patients every day is that food choices have everything to do with health, and they either get it but do not know what food choices to make or they just don’t fully believe it. Well…believe it! There is just too much good science now to doubt it. Here is what the opening paragraph from a Harvard monograph has to say:

“For critically and chronically ill people, food is medicine. With adequate amounts of nutritious food, people who are sick have a better response to medication, maintain and gain strength, and have improved chances of recovery. Ultimately, access to healthy food leads to improved health outcomes and lower health care costs…Food is increasingly recognized as a core component of preventive and ameliorative health care.”

There are now multiple streams of research emerging revealing that food interventions are actually cost saving as well as efficacious for many health conditions. It will slowly become inevitable that the utilization of food as medicine becomes mainstream, yet you can imagine the enormous economic and political forces that array themselves against such a proven concept. The processed food industry, sweeteners of all types, as well as the fact that nutrition has not traditionally been well integrated into the current health care system, as well as government support of processed foods and other toxic and polluting industries…all align to push down the facts about what is known about Food Is Medicine. On top of that, little resources are put towards deepening the knowledge base about how foods can impact health care outcomes…yet the research is slowly building and the truth will emerge.

Bottom Line: It is up to you and I to eat a maximally health promoting food plan. It is important to recognize that it is only from our food that we get the nutrients and phytochemicals that we need to be optimally healthy. Processed foods do not meet optimal nutritional needs, and few would argue that point. If you are chronically ill in any way, you need optimal nutrition to improve, and suffering with nutrient deficiencies, insufficiencies and excesses (such as too much protein, bad fats, too many refined carbs, additives, flavorings, colorings, preservatives, pesticides etc., etc.). Please heed these words, get committed and see what happens!

You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Thank you for reading…I truly appreciate each and every one of you!!

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