Food For Thought: Save Your Brain With Food

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Here are two links to papers that reveal that food is essential for brain health, maintenance and the prevention of brain-based disorders. Indeed, the authors state: “Brain diseases, especially during aging, can be due to dietary deficiencies.” This is way too simple and often goes right over our heads. One reason is that it is the long-term consumption of these poor dietary habits that leads to brain malfunction. This means, that the negative effects are unseen until the damage is done many years later. To avoid this catastrophe, it is important to understand that brain health is dependent upon high quality, non-processed, organic foods with as great a variety as possible.

Part one: Micronutrients

Part two: Macronutrients

Bottom Line: These are impressive articles from 2006, and I cannot see anything in them that does not still pertain to our present reality. I cannot express with enough urgency and importance how vital it is to start consuming organic whole foods. It is absolutely foundational and health recovery cannot occur maximally without healthy food. I have seen total health miracles from this simple fundamental application…mostly they are slow miracles yet most people who eventually go all in, usually see positive returns within 3 weeks to 3 months. Here is an excerpt from this article link to help summarize things, in others words, this is what the science says:

“The risk of specific age-related disease may, in part, be mediated by dietary intervention in aging and in adulthood…However, evidence supports the idea that all age-related disease states may benefit from careful attention to nutritional adequacy and a healthful diet.”

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