Food, Brain and 2020: Not Too Late To Start

Hello Everyone:

To start the New Year, I am continuing on last week’s theme about food/diet, and how food is medicine and can significantly support or ruin your health. Here is how to support your health:

This is a great article with links to how to start a Mediterranean Diet approach and more. One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and loved ones is to eat in such a way that will not only improve your brain function but your overall health. If you have blood sugar, autoimmune, sulfur, oxalate, sensitivities, allergies, inflammation…you may need one or more tweaks to the food plan for awhile…but it is a great place to start for most of us.

“New research finds that following a diet rich in plant-based foods and low in animal products during midlife is associated with a significantly lower risk of cognitive impairment later in life.”

 Bottom Line: How we eat says a lot about how we value our health and our future. Because food is the single most important predictor of how your health will be, it is critical that we eat well. Going plant-based not only saves you, but saves the planet…and this truly matters now as our current approach is NOT sustainable. This is not controversial…simply read last week’s newsletter for references and details. As we move forward into 2020 and beyond, and as we are realizing how our food production system and what we are choosing to consume has not only damaged our health but the health of the planet and that it has become unsustainable. What each of us chooses to do now really does matter, so for 2020 it seems a reasonable and urgent choice to seek a healthy and sustainable path so that we can be a part of the solution to leave our children a safe and healthy planet.

Happiest and Healthiest of New Year’s To Everyone From All of Us!!

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