Food and Brain Health: Keep Sharp With Healthy Eating

Hello again everyone:

As you know, I have repeatedly focused on inflammation and how it ruins our health. Here is a link that is worth reviewing so that you can see that this idea is totally backed by science, and while it is not a standard part of medical care…it should be!!

“The importance of chronic low-grade inflammation in the pathology of numerous age-related chronic conditions is now clear. An unresolved inflammatory response is likely to be involved from the early stages of disease development.”

Bottom Line: This is a great paper, and I want to focus on just a few concepts that they delineate. They basically cover cardiometabolic diseases, gut and systemic inflammatory contributions, and neurological/brain inflammation, the contribution of dietary fats and carbohydrates and plant biochemicals to inflammation, and more. The key take-aways are:

“Inflammation is a normal component of host defense; however, elevated unresolved chronic inflammation is a core perturbation in a range of chronic diseases and is an important determinant of the pathological impact…

The research focus on the establishment of a robust diet–inflammation–health association is justifiable, considering the substantial role of low-grade inflammation in the pathology of numerous chronic diseases, thereby making it a key future preventative and therapeutic target.”

In other words, the continued consumption of inflammatory foods and dietary patterns promotes disease. What this means to you and I is that the best ‘health-insurance’ we can purchase is high quality, clean, organic, whole foods that we learn to prepare and enjoy.

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