Covid-19 Update: What to do if You Get Covid-19

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If you have been reading our blog, you should be up to date on both primary care strategies as well as adjunctive care (self-help) things you can do to keep an optimized immune system to minimize the severity and risks of any infection, including Covid-19. I am attaching a link to a 39 minute You Tube video from about 3 months ago. This video covers several things that I have not yet mentioned that can be very important to know about: air filters and thermal therapy. Most of the info on those two subjects is in the last 10 minutes and is really worth viewing, plus in the first part you can see some great data that has good and plausible application to create a comprehensive overall protocol to keep you as safe as possible during this pandemic. Lot of really great information throughout the entire video:

Bottom Line:

I just finished watching this video and highly recommend that you take the time to view it as you will learn some valuable information. The only significant omission in this video is the failure to discuss how co-morbidities, such as high blood pressure or kidney disease or type 2 diabetes or overweight or obesity, drive the severity of the disease as well as create and sustain the chronic disease epidemic in our country. You would be highly advantaged against infection risk and severity if you were to aggressively get after any chronic health condition that you or a loved one may have. I have gone over this in previous blogs, so you can look back at them for more information.

If that information does not spur you to improve your health, I would strongly suggest this book:

“The Disease Delusion” by Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD.

Dr. Bland is the primary person behind the development and growth of functional medicine and while this book was published in 2015, the information is as valuable now as it was then. I have been fortunate to attend many of his seminars as well as read his books. Learn more about how to take care of yourself and those you care about.

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