COVID-19 Update : Thinking About the Possible Second Wave

Hello again everyone:­­

Here is a very pertinent quote from a very recent article from MedPage:

“As we begin to think about the next wave, about what the coming months may hold for us, it seems like having rapid flu testing available in the office, as well as rapid point-of-care testing for COVID-19, may be what we need to safely diagnose, safely treat, safely send home, safely quarantine, and safely track contacts, to prevent the second wave from being as devastating as the first. We need to begin now preparing for the next, not reacting after it’s already here…”

This is actually what we would hope will be in place by the fall so that we do not quarantine the healthy, only those that are truly sick with the virus, so that the economy and our lives can keep going and not be more stressful.

Once again, I am failing to find any mention of what each of us can do to optimize our health so that we can either avoid the disease altogether, or if we become infected then the course of the illness is mild. This appears to me to be gross negligence by our public health authorities in light of the foundational information about Vitamin D. I know I mentioned this before, however, it is worth re-iterating and going over the basic facts as they become available.

As of June 2020, there are around 20 Vitamin D trials being done in relationship to Vitamin D and COVID-19. Right now, the use of Vitamin D to assist in prevention and amelioration of SARS CoV-2 is not ‘proven’ but does have some basis in evidence from data from multiple countries who have examined Vitamin D status in relation to severity of illness of infected patients. Here are a few links:

Bottom Line:

Once again, please bear in mind that using Vitamin D is part of supportive or adjunctive care and is not considered primary care or primary treatment for SARS CoV-2. Emerging evidence supports using Vitamin D as the literature shows a strong relationship between Vitamin D status and severity of infections: the better your Vitamin D status, the better your outcome. It is that simple (yeah!). So, get your Vitamin D level tested and take adequate Vitamin D (always take your D3 with Vitamin K2!!!) to get your Vitamin D levels to around 80 ng/ml, and keep it there as this pandemic can possibly last well into next year!! With strategies like this, we may be able to keep the second wave to a minimum.

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