Covid-19 Update: Supportive/Adjunctive Care Is Necessary and Important

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It is widely known that we need primary medical care as a component of our lifestyle, and it is called primary care because at times it can be essential to staying alive. Plus…yup, this pandemic thing is like the Energizer Bunny…it just keeps going and going. This pandemic has brought into sharp focus the fact that those who are most at risk are those people with poor metabolic health. It is not difficult to improve your metabolic health and it is within your abilities to be stronger against this virus and all of life’s challenges.

This leads us to understand that now is the time to promote health building strategies that not only improve your metabolic health, but your immune resilience as well. What does that mean? It simply means that all of our bodily systems are part of a network that relies on each and every part to function optimally. That means that the things we do to boost physical health (exercise), will improve heart health, which will improve brain health, which will improve gut health, which will improve immune health…and so on. Because all of our organs are part of a system of organs where their inter-dependence is well known, it thus becomes important to live a lifestyle that enjoys system wide benefits…this is known as metabolic health.

Previously, I referred you to an article that revealed the astounding fact that as of 2016 only 12.2% of Americans are metabolically healthy, and there is no reason to assume that this number has improved at all.

Also, the worse your metabolic health, the more prone you are to contracting Covid-19 (or any other virus or infection) and the worse the disease and the poorer the outcome. The authors of the following link stated:

“With COVID-19, we have not just been fighting a communicable disease alone but also a growing backdrop of non-communicable diseases (NCDs; such as diabetes and obesity) that have needlessly raised the death toll.”

Bottom Line:

NOW is the time to do whatever is necessary to become metabolically healthy, to wait and ignore the urgency (as well as the opportunity) is dangerous to every aspect of your life and future. Not only do you want to take the right supplements, you want to eat right, move right, rest well, think right (reduce stress, perhaps increase meditation, prayer and mindfulness methods), get regular chiropractic care…we need a systems approach and that means we need to think about a lifestyle that builds health and resiliency. So, how do you start this without feeling overwhelmed? How about starting with small easy steps:

  • Remove all processed foods from you diet.
  • Remove sugar in any form.
  • Eat only whole foods, preferably mostly organic.
  • Exercise: start with a daily walk.
  • Get at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night.
  • Set aside some time to meditate and/or pray daily.


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