Covid-19 Update: Stay Vigilant

Hello everyone:

Some good news this week about the potential for vaccines becoming available soon. While there are still a lot of unanswered questions about these vaccines and possible caveats, it often happens that when people hear of the positive vaccine news, many may let their guard down. This type of reaction seems normal, that is, it has been reported in the medical and psychologic literature before as it relates to situations like we are currently in.

In reality, this is absolutely NOT the time to let your guard down. We will continue to need to focus on preventive and protective measures even if the vaccine arrived tomorrow. This is due to the nature of multiple factors:

  • It may take more than a year to get enough vaccine
  • It can take months to know how well the vaccine works.
  • Current studies are on healthy volunteers, we do not know how this will work on those with comorbidities, chronic health conditions, children or the elderly.
  • The full data has not been published yet, just several press releases.
  • The logistics of mass vaccinations with vaccines that need to be shipped and stored at below zero temperatures will be challenging and may take extra time.
  • The pandemic is surging NOW, which means, we all need to take preventive and protective measures this very moment and not wait.

Bottom Line:

  • Keep masking and socially distancing.
  • Avoid gatherings of more than 10 and keep your distance and mask on.
  • Keep up with the preventive measures that I have recently outlined and summarized in a previous blog.
  • Do whatever you can to improve your health and reduce the possible effect of any comorbid health condition(s) you may have.



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