Covid-19 Update: Post-Covid Related Anxiety and Mood Disorders Common

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According to new research, about one-third of post-Covid infection cases report a new neuropsychiatric diagnosis within 6 months of the initial infection. It did not seem related to how mild or severe the infections were as the risks were raised in both the hospitalized and non-hospitalized groups with the hospitalized group showing greater incidence of problems.

Furthermore, many did not have any prior history of neuropsychiatric issues such as anxiety or depression mood disorders. About one in 8 had no previous history, however, 7 out of 8 did have an issue with mood disorders before getting Covid-19. The most common diagnosis was anxiety plus the illness seemed to aggravate or progress other conditions like cognitive decline and dementia. This group also included stroke and other neurologic disorders.

Additionally, the presence of co-morbidities was strongly associated with neuropsychological symptom development. This included high blood pressure, heart disease, cardio-vascular disease, overweight, obesity, diabetes, asthma, chronic kidney disease and cancer.

Bottom Line:

If you have been through Covid-19 and 6 months later wonder why your mood is way off, it could be due to the lingering effects of the infection that has created inflammation of your brain and nervous system. In addition to traditional care for this, it is reasonable to consider brain-based therapies because they are known to reduce inflammation in the brain. Concurrently to the brain-based therapies, consider adding specific nutraceuticals such as flavonoids and polyphenols to your regimen. This might include things like curcumin from turmeric, resveratrol, luteolin and/or baicalin. You can also consider things like magnesium-threonate and fish oil with a high DHA content. These are very safe with the only warning to not take them is people that are on blood thinners.

Once again, in addition to traditional care, it is more than reasonable to work on lowering your risks by reducing any co-morbidities that you might have by creating a lifestyle home program to increase your health. If you have questions about this, make sure to ask me at your next visit.




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