COVID-19 Update: News from The Institute For Functional Medicine

Hello again:

I think it is important for everyone to be up to date with news and information about this pandemic we are living through, which is why I am sending the latest news from the Institute for Functional Medicine where I study and have a membership. This link even includes a Webinar that is worth listening to if you want a deeper dive into the reasons and rationales for their approach. There is also a link to a two-page list of supplements with dosages and benefits. You will see that it is pretty much like the one I published several weeks ago with two exceptions, one of which I did not know about.

They talk about Elderberry being beneficial, however, I still feel that this herb requires caution in that those with autoimmune issues should not take it for very long (less than 2 weeks) as it can aggravate autoimmune conditions. Also, taken later in a viral illness, there is the possibility that it can aggravate the immune storm. While there are no papers or human studies that validate my concerns, it is plausible and worth the caution.

The one supplement that I was not aware of that is antiviral is PEA. I do know that it takes magnesium to assist in activating this supplement, that it helps reduce pain and is tied into the endocannabinoid system (like CBD oil), and I have never used or recommended this product so I have no idea of how effective it is. If anyone tries it, please let me know your experience.

Here is the link for information on natural supportive care approaches from 3 medical doctors that practice functional medicine and who are also educators:

Bottom Line:

Stay informed, and be pro-active by reducing your lifestyle risk factors that they mention in the webinar, such as blood sugar issues, weight, sleep, stress etc…these are all things we have gone over before, so if you need ideas then please go to my blog section on my website and use the search function.

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