COVID-19 Update: Its Not Over Until Its Over! e.g., Don’t Stop Now!

Hello everyone:

This newsletter is a cautionary warning, and that is that this pandemic is likely to last for at least another 6 to 10 months, with some estimates of up to 2 years. This means that we all need to keep being vigilant with our health. In the last couple of newsletters/blogs that I have posted, I was speaking about the Elephant In The Room, which represents our pre-existing health status if/when we get ill. In that regard, the fact that our overall health is a major factor as to whether we get this virus, how serious it may be for each of us, and how well and fast we might recover, and if we have any long term residual health problems from such an illness…it becomes paramount to use this crisis as an opportunity to make steps to become optimally healthy.

In other words, if you thought that it is too late to put efforts into upgrading your overall health, please think again. This pandemic will be drawn out, like all of the previous ones, and that fact gives us adequate time to absolutely increase our health and decrease all of our risks.

“As humans age, the risk and severity of infections vary in line with immune competence according to how the immune system develops, matures, and declines. Several factors influence the immune system and its competence, including nutrition. A bidirectional relationship among nutrition, infection and immunity exists: changes in one component affect the others. For example, distinct immune features present during each life stage may affect the type, prevalence, and severity of infections, while poor nutrition can compromise immune function and increase infection risk. Various micronutrients are essential for immunocompetence, particularly vitamins A, C, D, E, B2, B6, and B12, folic acid, iron, selenium, and zinc. Micronutrient deficiencies are a recognized global public health issue, and poor nutritional status predisposes to certain infections. Immune function may be improved by restoring deficient micronutrients to recommended levels, thereby increasing resistance to infection and supporting faster recovery when infected. Diet alone may be insufficient and tailored micronutrient supplementation based on specific age-related needs necessary.”

Bottom Line:

Please go back and read my COVID-19 blogs for all of the tips you need to keep your immune system and overall health in good shape and thus reduce your risks to infections of all types. I do review many current publications daily related to this pandemic, and my previous recommendations are still appropriate and timely.

Additionally, getting adequate sleep and stress modulation are critical factors for optimal immune function as well as overall health. My next newsletters/blogs will go over these issues with some tips to use at home.



  1. Richa Bansal says

    What do people with a overactive immune system do; AERD & acute upperesiritory disease (acute sinusitis) do. How do they prepare their bodies and survive COVID-19. This in the profile of my young adult daughter, a mother of a 3 year old. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • RVAchironeuro says

      This question is complicated enough that it cannot be answered via email or post response. If you would like, please contact the office (804-897-9194) to schedule a free phone consultation.

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