Covid-19 Update: For a Strong Immune System, Avoid High Fructose

Hello again friends:

I sincerely hope everyone is doing well, and here is some information that can help you keep your immune system strong and able to fight off viral and other infections. The title of the article says it all:

High fructose diets harm the immune system (1)(2)

Here are some highlights:

  • A new study suggests that eating a diet high in the sugar fructose may cause the immune system to become inflamed. 
  • This process produces more reactive molecules, which are also associated with inflammation.
  • Inflammation can damage cells and tissues and lead to disease.

And in summary, they state:

These findings highlight the importance of the microenvironment in shaping the innate immune response and could form the foundations of investigations for therapies in areas as diverse as cancer and infectious diseases.

Bottom Line: What these researchers mean by the microenvironment includes dietary elements, like fructose in this instance, have significant and powerful effects on inflammation through effects on the immune system and related biochemical processes. In other words, eating fructose induces inflammation and alters immune function that favors the induction of disease, degeneration as well as an internal environment that reduces immune capabilities against infectious agents…it just makes us weaker and sicker. Based on this research, the consumption of fructose can aggravate, perpetuate or cause chronic inflammation which can aggravate, perpetuate or cause every known human ailment. This then leads to the creation of one or more co-morbidities (the simultaneous presence of one or more chronic conditions or diseases), and this greatly increases the risk of Covid-19 infection and severity.

Friends don’t let friends consume high fructose corn syrup!!! Be on the lookout for it and do not consume it! Where do you find it? In P R O C E S S E D foods and drinks of all types…so to make it simple, just avoid processed foods and drinks.

Don’t forget: “With COVID-19, we have not just been fighting a communicable disease alone but also a growing backdrop of non-communicable diseases (NCDs; such as diabetes and obesity) that have needlessly raised the death toll.”(3)







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